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Cooooool!: A Real-Life ‘Up’ Inspired Hot Air Balloon


This is a hot air balloon inspired by ‘Up’. You know, because it looks like the house and balloons from the movie. Come on, this really shouldn’t be that hard to understand. Unfortunately, I can tell from the look on your face you’re actually having trouble comprehending. “I’m holding back a fart.” Or that.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and get your up, up and away on.




Thanks to V, who, based on the tips she sends me, I’m 95% certain spends all day surfing Imgur.

Cooooool!: A Real-Life ‘Up’ Inspired Hot Air Balloon | Geekologie.

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Man Takes Stunning Hi-Res Photographs of the Sun in His Backyard

greeting card-maker by day, Alan Friedman pursues his true passion – astronomy – once the night falls. It may be hard to believe, but the Sun photos you’re about to see were taken right from his backyard. Buffalo-based astronomy lover uses a small (3 ½” aperture) telescope with a Hydrogen Alpha filter and an industrial webcam to capture the surface of the Sun, which looks surprisingly calm and fluffy in the final version.

As due to the movements in the atmosphere it is impossible to get sharp images of the objects, Alan has to stream many frames in a short period. He later reviews the video to find the moments of “good seeing” and selects the frames of the best quality. Thus, each final photo is made out of thousands of frames! Moreover, the primary material is all black and white, so Alan has to apply colors and adjust tonality himself. Even though he does want them to look artistic, Alan doesn’t abuse it: “Aesthetic decisions are made with respect for accuracy as well as for the power of the image,” he says.

His observatory “located in a downtown Buffalo backyard amidst streetlights and the turbulent winds of the jet stream, is far from ideally located.” On the other hand, it’s close to home and astronomy equipment is heavy, so Alex tried to make the most of it.

Website: ()

Pocket : Man Takes Stunning Hi-Res Photographs of the Sun in His Backyard.

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“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer

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NOVA’s Earth From Space documentary shows a super-connected planet

We’ve already had a meteorite shower to remind us that Earth is just a small part of a much, much larger universe. If that wasn’t enough perspective for you, PBS is offering a follow-up through NOVA‘s newly streaming “Earth From Space” documentary. The two-hour show illustrates how our planet’s individual climates and ecosystems are really part of one larger unit, with ripple effects that we didn’t always anticipate until an abundance of earth observation satellites made them clear. You’ll have to be an American to watch before the documentary, at least before it arrives in disc form on April 2nd. Every Earth citizen can still watch the trailer after the break.


Pocket : NOVA’s Earth From Space documentary shows a super-connected planet (video).

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PlayStation 4 See the Future

PlayStation 4 See the Future – YouTube.

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PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 – YouTube.

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