22 Mysterious & Abandoned Places Around The World

If you ever wanted to have an adventure off the beaten track, away from the tourists and off into the wilderness, you could do a lot worse than explore these 22 rather mysterious and abandoned locations.

We’ve previously taken you to Asia’s forgotten wonderland, but today we’re expanding our search to all four corners of the globe to bring you some of the most beautiful, magical and even spooky sites which both time and history seem to have forgotten.

1. Abandoned mill from 1866 in Sorrento, Italy

Via: i.imgur.com

2. Częstochowa, Poland’s abandoned train depot

Via: nedhardy.com

3. The Maunsell Sea Forts in England

Via: fivelightsdown.squarespace.com

4. Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

Via: photography.nationalgeographic.com

5. Abandoned city of Keelung, Taiwan

Source: flickr.com  /  via: i.imgur.com

6. Cooling tower of an abandoned power plant

Via: i.imgur.com

7. Sunken & frozen yacht in Antarctica

Via: ruschili.35photo.ru

8. Hafodunos Hall in Llangernyw, North Wales

Via: deviantart.com

9. The remains of the Pegasus in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Via: panoramio.com

10. Abandoned Blade Mill, France

Source: blessingmartin

11. Lawndale Theater in Chicago

Via: ebow.org

12. Nara Dreamland in Japan

Via: steampunkopera.files.wordpress.com

13. Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, England

Via: commons.wikimedia.org

14. The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

Via: placesmustseen.com

15.  Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Via: theglobalpanorama.com

16.  Kalavantin Durg near Panvel, India

Via: natureknights.net

17. El Hotel del Salto in Colombia

Via: alveart

18.  15th century monastery in the Black Forest in Germany

Via: abandonedography.com

19. Fishing hut on a lake in Germany

Via: onebigphoto.com

20. Caco, Italy

Via i.imgur.com

21. Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay

Via: baldeaglebluff

22.  House of the Bulgarian Communist Party

Dimitar Kilkoff / Getty Images

Via Buzzfeed

Pocket : 22 Mysterious & Abandoned Places Around The World.

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