Photographer Blends Modern Day Locations With Major Historical Events

If you liked the WWII Photos Superimposed on to Modern Street Scenes, we have some more! As part of the 2004 History Channel ad campaign, titled ‘Know Where You Stand’,photographer Seth Taras blends together past and present into incredible time-travel pictures.

Seth’s pictures give an amazing opportunity to get a better grasp of what life was like at the spot, which is now a famous sightseeing object for tourists or just an every day route to work for locals. Soldiers, rushing at the Normandy beach in 1944 go past colored modern family picking shells, and Hitler poses in front of the Eiffel Tower where two young students lay around reading newspapers – these are the contrasts that those places have seen in time.

A self-taught American photographer Seth is one of Luerzer’s Archives 200 Best Photographers Worldwide. ‘Know Where You Stand‘ campaign won him a Cannes Lion, and was translated into 30 languages and published in 130 countries.

Be sure to visit his website for more!

Website: via: petapixel

Pocket : Photographer Blends Modern Day Locations With Major Historical Events.

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